Hi there!

Since you’ve come this far to my page I can assume that you have some interest with me and my work which is great! 🙂 I want to thankyou and say that  I am excited to share my adventure with you.

Just a little update on the work that I am going to be doing…In January 2017, I shall be travelling over seas to Bangkok with BMS World Mission. I shall be working with women in the sex trade. The partner organisation “Nightlight” Have set up a Jewellery factory, a bakery and a café. This then gives the women an opportunity to be trained up with skills to be able to work in this alternative employment. I shall also be embarking on outreach in the Bars of Bangkok.

I have a passion for bringing hope to these women. I want to bring them the love of Jesus and to show them that they are childten of God no matter what shame has been brought upon them.

I really hope that whoever reads this blog will get behind me on this mission. I appreciate every single prayer and encouragement. I am looking forward to going on this jouney with you.

Thanks and Many blessings!


Ashleigh xxx