The lavish Blessing of love

No matter which part of the world we come from, being a woman brings with it an array of different connotations. In many parts of the world it brings a massive element of shame. Many women are still deemed as second class citizens, others are simply branded inhuman. We see the rise of FGM practices taking place in a number of different countries across the world.  In the west, we are beginning to see a rise of empowerment amongst females. When once told that their voice was insignificant, women are rising up to claim their place in society with a large proportion of men coming alongside us. Does this mean that we simply forget the oppression that has come upon us for many years? I do not believe the past can ever be eradicated, however I am a firm believer in healing for the wounds that have been inflicted. This pain could have been manifested in the way of sexual assault, emotional abuse, manipulation or simply being made to believe that we are in some way inferior. This was never God’s heart for women. He adored women with his whole heart and he has a unique and precious purpose for each and every one of us.

I believe a way in which God gives us this little piece of healing is by empowering us to speak our truth. To go out in to what ever arena we have been called into and release a piece of our heart . We cannot do this without vulnerability. Yes boundaries need to be kept in place but the walls that have been built around our hearts need to come down. I believe only then can true healing begin. 

My recent trip to Myanmar saw some more of this healing take place. I was asked to share at a women’s conference. I must first preface this by saying that some of these women had walked 10 days just to attend. This blows my mind! What an honour and a privilege to be welcomed into this space and to share my heart. As I looked around the room, I was in awe of these precious women. We did not share the same language, we did not even remotely share the same culture but what we could unite on was our femininity. 

I had not prepared a message prior to getting up in front of all these expectant women but my heart had a ton of things ready to spill forth. I wanted these women to know that each an every one of them was created on purpose for a purpose. God had placed in them something so unique that needed to be shared with the world. Some of these women worked in dangerous areas where such things as trafficking and persecution are rife. I wanted these women to know that although helping in these areas is important, beautiful and so very needed. God also cares about the state of their heart. He wants to pour love on them and make sure  they understand the strength and significance that has been placed in them. This is something that I myself have struggled with. I love nothing more than to make someone feel loved . I want the person in front of me to know how special they truly are and the giftings that have been placed inside of them. Nothing gives me more joy than to see someone flourish into the person that they have been created to be. When it comes to my own life, on many occasions, the things i want for others, I fail to acknowledge for myself. I also have to realise that I need to allow myself to be loved and to let my creator God pour this into me. I am so blessed by the people that have been placed around me in this season. People that have gone out of their way to instill in me their love and concern for me. It’s time I start leaning into this so that I can properly love others because here’s the ugly truth. If you don’t allow yourself to be loved  and you do not allow the wounds that are buried so deep to heal, then you cannot truly give out love to those around you in a healthy way.

For me, speaking out this truth in a women’s conference in the far ends of Myanmar was a step towards that healing. I knew God had me in this place for such a time as this. My soul so desires for these women to know how precious they are.To know that they are worth more than diamonds and more certainly worth the time to heal. 

“If you don’t allow yourself to be loved  and you do not allow the wounds that are buried so deep to heal, then you cannot truly give out love to those around you in a healthy way.”

On the other side of this conference, I find myself back in Chiang Mai ( with the correct visa in hand!! 🙂 ready to continue to plug away at all things Salt and Light Coalition. I am still in the process of making those connections and seeking out potential partnerships with other non profits and ministries. It is such a joy to sit down with someone over coffee and share the vision. Sometimes the mountain can seem so big ahead but I have to have faith that things are developing as they should. 

This week I am joined by my beautiful sister and friend Angela, She has been living in Chiang Mai for the past few years with a previous organisation and has decided after much discernment to come alongside Salt and Light Coalition. I am so excited to have her on the team for not only the practical things but also the spiritual support. I couldn’t be any more excited to fly and really begin to see this vision set in motion when she arrives. 

Being under the umbrella of Empower International has been beyond a blessing. Between us we are currently seeking out partnerships and some local thai people to join us. I thank God for their wisdom, insight and encouragement. 2020 is soon upon us and I cannot wait to hit the ground running and be ready to walk into the vision that I have been called into. 

Before we end the beautiful month of November, I am excited to get back to the competition floor and throw some heavy weights around. Alongside all the other exciting things in life right now , I have been honing in on my training ready for the Phuket throwdown. Everything about competing sets my soul on fire. The atmosphere is intoxicating. The community that is created during competition is awesome. People really come together to support and encourage one another. Athletes hitting personal records and getting those first muscle ups. It’s such a joy to be in this atmosphere. There is so much love that goes around the competition arena as we each understand the others pain and struggle. With collective struggle brings unity. 

There is much ahead in this season. With the highs, most definitely comes the lows and i’m in a season where i need to give these lows attention. As mentioned before, I am so honoured by the beautiful souls I am surrounded by to walk alongside me. We were never called to walk this journey alone, we were created to be in partnership whether in marriage or deep friendship.  I am thankful for those friendships far and near. For those precious emails that I receive with words of encouragement. For the sweet hugs i receive on a daily basis. This lets me know that I am never alone and that support is there whenever I need it.

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