Countless articles, blogs and books have been written on this, I know, I am so aware. All coming at this topic from an array of different angles and yet I felt I needed to add a contribution. Out of all the things I write about, ponder over, discuss, it all comes down to this, being a woman and understanding what this means for me and millions across the globe. It means something different to me compared to what it means for a woman living in India. It means something different to me than it does for the women in the Old Testament and yet we were all created by the same God in his image for a purpose, I think this alone gives me a right to speak up.


I am 26 years of age. I am sat in a chic café in Chiang Mai with my laptop sipping on a hot americano. I am free. I have the ability to make choices. This of course is based upon the obedience of the God I love so much. Many women in this world do not get these choices in their lifetime. They are bound. Their life is merely determined by the voice of a man. Choices involving their education, marriage, religious preferences and indeed even their body have been stripped away from them. I have no idea how it feels to have that choice taken away from me on such a level. I do indeed have my own experiences of rejection and evil thrust upon me purely because I am a woman. I know how it feels for the traits of my personality to be completely null and void through the eyes of man, only my body being the object of interest. I know how it feels to have the choice of what happens to my body taken away from me. Opposite to this I know how it feels to use my body as a tool when feeling like I have nothing else to offer.

pia feminity
We can laugh because we are free! I am so proud of everything these two women are and are yet to be. Their smiles are the light to my day and their beauty runs deep.

I have been in and out of church since I was a little girl. I began to take my faith seriously as I grew into my late teens with a bumpy ride right through my 20’s. Nonetheless a place where a person expects to feel safe and walk wholeheartedly into their purpose is indeed the church. However, many establishments have failed on this part all simply because of being a woman. Now I am not here to tell fellow Christians that their interpretation of the bible is incorrect, I simply have no intention of doing so however I know how Jesus communicated with woman. I have seen him draw a line of protection in front of the adulteress woman (John 8vs 1-11). I have seen him allow a prostitute to worship and kiss his feet. I have seen him approach a woman at the well who was divorced as many times as she married, he spoke nothing but truth and freedom over her. Alongside all these things I have let him cradle me in his loving arms and carry me through the most heart wrenching and difficult situations. I have felt him call me across the waters to speak life into woman in prostitution. I have heard him call me into a gym with 130kg on the bar and whisper into my ears with a smile “lift it” and yet.. I am woman. A daughter of Christ. I never saw Jesus discriminate and yet across the world we see the shocking effects of hatred towards this particular sex.

blog feminity
She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.” Proverbs 31vs 11

Every day in my ministry I encounter woman who have to deal with the fact that because they are a woman their choices have been taken away from them. And yet what do I see? I see warriors fighting to stay a alive. I see woman from Uganda with bright shining eyes, with a strength and determination that comes from facing abuse and discrimination every single day. I want to celebrate these women and so does God and yet many of the world’s population doesn’t wish to partake. They wish to strip them of their voice and of their choice.

It is not merely down to the hands of other woman to fight this injustice. God cries out for his children. He wants people to take a stand no matter what the cost and no matter the gender. Men and women must work together. It is imperative that both sexes honour one another. We cannot go through life thinking that we are so different that it’s pointless every trying to obey one another. We are so quick to tear one another down. So quick to disrespect one another that we forget that we were called into partnership, whether in marriage or friendship. God put us on this planet for a purpose and that involves building one another up. Men and women were indeed created differently but those differences are beautiful and complement each other.  It’s time that we stood up for this and celebrated both male and female alike.

I came across this beautifully written article In “Propel woman” and believe it sums things up just perfectly: “And all the while, the One who made her is calling her back, still walking in the garden of her heart in the cool of the day and saying, “I am with you.” He offers what she longs for most—for him to tell her who she really is, to whisper in her ear that he has made her funny and wise and strong and brave. That she is tender and resilient and complex and wonder-filled. She is mystery and unveiling. She is salty tears and the sweat at the finish line and the lioness in the corner office and lullabies in the night. She is not an afterthought; she has been an essential part of the plan all along.- Propel woman”

Woman were never intended for this earth as an afterthought. One in which is good for procreation and nothing else. We are beautiful warriors meant to fight in the battle that we like to call life.

For years, I showed myself such a level of disrespect. I did not see my beauty and grace as a woman. I tried to pretend I could act just as a man could. Feelings that were untouchable. I couldn’t. Pretending got me nowhere. I failed to understand that everyone’s feelings can be hurt no matter the gender. I needed to embrace what it meant to be a woman and walk without shame.

Before I began to write this piece, I spent some time in prayer hence feeling inspired to create this. I felt a sense of relief. I am beauty from ashes. No matter what turbulent battles I have had to fight. God has brought me through them. I am pure. I have spent a large portion of my life speaking negative words over myself. Looking at myself with utter disdain because of the mistakes I had made. God has not and never will look at me like this so what right do I have to tear myself down? The bible tells me that I am “Fearfully and wonderfully made “ (Psalm 139:14)This applies to me and every other person so today let’s celebrate our femininity and give all praise and Glory back to the creator.


fearfully and wonderfully

“God is enraptured by the inner beauty of your true self”

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