“I am free” These three words sent tingles down my spine and Goosebumps upon my arms. Freedom, A word so very much taken for granted and yet flows from the heart of *Lin. As she proclaims these words for all to hear she does so with a shy smile and strong look in her eye. 3 weeks ago we began teaching English to women who had the desire to learn, be this on the streets of Nana Red- Light district or Thai staff already apart of Nightlight. On this particular day, we had women write their own Personal Shields. On these shields, they had to write in English, their name, where they come from, their hobby and a statement describing themselves. All the jokes and laughter were to be had during this hour, It was only until *Lyn made her bold statement of her God given freedom did the atmosphere change. The realisation of how far this woman has come blows my mind every time I look at her. She has been through more horrors than one could even begin to contemplate and here she was giving it her all in an English class and bringing tears to eyes.

engish classes
The passion in these ladies to learn is exciting to see!!

As I look back on the past 2 months I couldn’t begin to tell you where they have gone.  It’s been a whirlwind of activity in and out of Nightlight. Our organisation is currently assisting a lot of women trafficked from Africa, predominantly Uganda.  The more we send home the more keep coming in. It breaks my heart to see the cruelty right before my eyes, to know that all this is taking place in Uganda. It is as if God has opened the flood gates for us and more and more are coming to seek our aid. The situation is somewhat devastating however we are blessed beyond belief to have an opportunity to love these women and help them as much as we can.

On my outreaches, I have been meeting with one particular women. *Tracy is bold, vivacious and beautiful, every time I came across her on the streets I could not help but wrap my arms around her. Despite everything that has happened to her she is a fighter and her strength radiates like nothing I have ever seen before. I have had chances to engage with her over the past few months however these things take time to build up a level of trust. One Wednesday afternoon, I was working In CityLight Coffee shop and *Tracey walked in, she was coming to claim her freedom and seek assistance from us. When I saw her in that moment I could not stop the tears from falling. I have never had the blessing of giving birth to a baby so I am unaware of the first moments of holding your child in your hands however I hear of the incontrollable love that drowns your inner being. In that moment, I believe that I experienced a portion of that love. It spilled out of me to the point where It became overwhelming. To know that we could help her and return her back to Uganda with her family and babies, to know she has a chance to live free. That feeling will never leave me. Please pray for her along with every other woman that is being sent back. Please pray that everything that was taken from them is returned and that somehow the memories will be replaced with strength and love.


blof fierce
When we give ourselves time to rest God speaks boldly to us of visions and dreams for the future

Nightlight has a lot to focus on and we are seeing immense breakthrough. It is a beautiful thing to witness and be a part of, so much so that the ability to rest can sometimes be taken away. Being a girl who has never been an expert in this field, the tendency to push and push is most definitely there. The world tells you to go a little bit faster and work a little bit harder. This is where a spiritual battle comes in to play in order to tell you that resting is not an option. It’s a concept I am journeying on and trying to put healthy boundaries in place. Slowly but surely, I am getting there. This month, resting took the form of a holiday of which I was so utterly blessed by. My mum came to visit Thailand and took me on the most wonderful adventure, it consisted of rock climbing, swims in the sea, mother daughter bible study and sunbathing in perfect white sands. To put it frankly, it was beautiful and something my soul had been yearning for for long time.

mummy bear
My beautiful mummy enjoying her Thai holiday !


I have permission to rest. Jesus ensured to make time for him and his disciples to rest from their ministry. The world isn’t going to fall apart if I take some time out. It did indeed take me a while to switch off from work and my life in Bangkok but I managed to achieve a peaceful state of mind. I am forever grateful to my mummy for blessing me in such a wonderful way.

For all who pray I would be so thankful if you could pray for our new English Classes and that women would continue to come!

-We are assisting a lot of women but struggling to staff it. Please pray for provision and more volunteers

-Please pray for the 7 women I work with in the coffee shop. I just wish them blessings and happiness every single day because I love them.

blog october
This week we took the girls on a Coffee shop tour of Bangkok, this was a beautiful opportunity to send some time together and see how other coffee shops operate their business!


*Names changed for the protection and discretion of women

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