“My sacrifice O God is a broken spirit, a broken and contrite heart, you God will not despise.”

Two Planes and three time zones later, I arrive in Bangkok. Here I am, after all this time, all this preparation. Many moons ago it feels, I walked into the office of BMS, a nervous woman with a calling on my heart. Who would have thought that on the 15th Jan 2017 I would be stepping into the arms of God ready to walk in his will. It took him long enough to get me and now I’m here.

Psalm 51 vs 17 sums up the way I felt during that first week. I was here yes but where would God take me next? What would the next two years hold? All I have to offer is a broken spirt, I’m certain the qualifications are not there for this ministry but what I do have is love and sometimes that’s all we can give. The first words I felt God speak over me when I touched down in this is somewhat crazy city were “You made the first move, keep your eyes fixed on me and I’ll do the rest” So this is all I can do. God’s mercies are new every single day and so far every morning I have woken up with a childlike excitement brimming from me wondering what adventures he brings me on today.

Lumpini Park. I’ve taken to spending my Saturdays here post gym. I mean, what a great city

As I write this I have entered into my third week. Where has the time gone? Already the days are sweeping by and I’m yet to start my language training. (I’m sure the next blog may contain many moans and groans as I struggle my way through that!) Having met up with Paul and Sarah Brown who are the long term BMS workers here, they have got me off to a great start. Days filled with whirling around the city applying for work permits, signing for a flat, introducing me to the smell, tastes and sounds of Bangkok! (Nothing beats a 40 bhat Pad thai). They’ve been a God send helping me in times when I’m not sure I could have helped myself!

As many of you know, a huge desire for me is to make a great community. Being an extrovert, I thrive around people, it is where I get my energy from. Every day I have prayed a simple prayer that I would make good friends, ofcourse those childhood fears crop up every now and again of nobody wanting to be my friend and I am alone forever! But ofcourse, God knows my needs he knows everything about me and what I need to be sustained, he has therefore blessed me with such lovely people around me already! The girl I currently share a room with is Thai and has been a real blessing, she makes sure I have what I need and has been sustaining me with Thai deserts and good conversation. As well as this I have had such lovely times spent with the volunteers at Nightlight, such a beautiful group of girls! How amazing and I’ve only been here a matter of weeks! If that wasn’t enough God decided that apparently my love of fitness is actually quite important, so what does he do? He graces me with an incredible CrossFit gym with some brilliant people! AMEN!

This book is totally changing my perspective on prayer. I would recommend to everyone!!


This week I was able to attend the Nightlight retreat in Khao Yai National Park, If you want to see how beautiful God’s creation really is I suggest you take a trip here, natural beauty at it’s best. This was an amazing couple of days that gave me chance to get to know the staff at Nightlight and really spend some time in the presence of God, praying and worshipping. It most definitely came at the right time and for this I am hugely grateful.

Khao Yai National Park.  True natural beauty

This week I commence my 6 months of language study, honeymoon period is officially over, the real work begins. It is so important that I really put my all into this so I can connect with the women that I have been called to work with. I want to understand their heart and build true relationships.

Perhaps next blog you may be so lucky as to have a few Thai words thrown in! But for now, English will suffice!

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  1. I am confident that God will enable you to learn Thai. …he had seem your willingness to step out in fash and will bless you for it. I look forward to seeing you progress and be used for his glory x


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