Me and my training buddy in a partnered Crossfit Competition- Another great passion of mine!


From Personal Training to preparing myself for the Lord’s work starting by 3 months of living in community with one another. How was this going to pan out?

Transition, everybody talks about that dreaded word. A word that I refused to acknowledge making my first week at IMC particularly interesting.

“For those God foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his son, that he might be the first born among many brothers and sisters. And those he pre-destined, he also called, those he called, he also justified; those he justified. He also glorified. “Romans 8 vs 29-30

This verse was the leading verse in my call to mission and has still today helped me with the transition period. God gave me an overwhelming love for women trapped and trafficked into the sex trade. It was a feeling I struggled to put into words, it took my breath away and instilled such an anger in me that I had no other option but to go. I was fired up and ready to be sent. That was until another desire fell upon me, the desire to marry and to have children. This was so strong in me that the temptation to stay was most definitely there.

There is a season for things and my season for marriage was sure to come when God intended it. There are women by the seconds being trapped into a life God never intended for them all the time. It was clear, I had to go.

When arriving at IMC, the pure exhaustion of leaving an incredibly active job of a personal trainer hit me hard. I was tired. In a place like this it is so easy to get into your own head. Self-reflection something that is continually encouraged for the life of a mission trainee so you can see how wallowing in your own self-pity can be easy, It’s also an incredibly liberating experience and time to vent those feelings to the Father.

God has spoken this verse over my life on countless occasions when I begin to panic about what the future holds!

I had a lot to say to God and he had a lot to say to me. I was feeling confused and flat about my purpose and singleness. The most exciting thing to happen when you lay it down to God is that he listens and he talks! God is using this time at IMC to break down my walls and equip me for the work he has for me but first he required my honesty. God can work with honesty.

God has directed me to what I think will be an amazing church as well as a great gym that is perfectly located for me! These little bits of familiarity are just what I needed to start me off in this journey and for this I am grateful

In awe of this beautiful country that God has called me too

My prayer request for the week is that I hear God’s voice revealing more of his plan for me and that I will persevere with this journey with trust and faithfulness.



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